[vidět in Czech means see, sight, perceive, do, behold, feel about, discern]

JAKUB JAHN is a freelance cineaste, documentary filmmaker and visual artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. His main interest goes to documentaries exploring the universe of contemporary art and fashion, whilst the core of his work lays in short footage videos destined mainly to web publishing. Jakub’s stylistic language arises from the “fashion film” and the “dance for camera” movement. He has lately opened his genre targets to the thrilling possibilities of video installations and other nonstandard video art forms.

His recent major works include a feature documentary REMINISCENCE: Tanec Praha 1989 – 2013, produced for the Czech Television, a short documentary piece on the famous Video Portraits series by Robert Wilson, as well as a viral video campaign “Leoš Mareš: Každý krok začíná prvním krokem” for the prêt-à-porter brand Blažek. Jakub is presently working on a feature documentary based on his experience in the Watermill Center, a laboratory for arts founded by Robert Wilson, where all the new projects by the immense artist emerge. He is also currently elaborating an original form for a future fashion film for one of the leading Czech fashion designers Liběna Rochová, focusing on her collection inspired by the 3D objects by the Czecho-Slovak visual artist Milan Grygar.

Jakub is the founding member of CINÉASTE.

“For the last twenty years neither matter nor space nor time has been what it was from time immemorial. We must expect great innovations to transform the entire technique of the arts, thereby affecting artistic invention itself and perhaps even bringing about an amazing change in our very notion of art.”        

Paul Valéry, Pièces sur L’Art, 1931

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  1. +Documentary LIVING PICTURES / A Brief History of Robert Wilson's Video Portraits [Produced by Pavleye Art & Culture]

  2. +Short film Lecture on Videoportraits for Robert Wilson [Produced by Pavleye Art & Culture]

  3. +Viral campaign and Fashion film “Leoš Mareš: Každý úspěch začíná prvním krokem” for BLAŽEK

  4. +Fashion film THERE SHALL BE / LIGHT for Liběna Rochová [Produced by DESIGNBLOK]

  5. +Video Invitation #SAVETHEDATE for Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2014

  6. +Fashion sketch PHOENIX for Liběna Rochová

  7. +Fashion film JESUS GANG PROJECT for Jakub Polanka

  8. +Documentary CZTM: TO BE A MODEL for Czechoslovak Models

  9. +REMINISCENCE: Tance Praha 1989 - 2013 for Czech Television

  10. +Feature documentary FASHION LIVE: Rok Nulu for Slovak Fashion Week Initiative

  11. +Music film The Hidden Charms of Hydrometeorology for Jan Šikl [Produced by The Berg Orchestra]

  12. +Documentary sketch PLATFORMA: Czech Dance 1994 - 2014 for Tance Praha

  13. +Fashion report POLANKA/BELLEVILLE for Jakub Polanka [Produced by Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend]

  14. +Short film Endangered Species for choreography MIRAGE by Václav Kuneš [New Stage of the National Theatre, 2013]

  15. +Short film In Search of Lost Wings for exbition AVIARY No.1 [Moravian gallery in Brno]

  16. +Dance film HAMLETOPHELIA with 420PEOPLE for Dance Film Festival Prague

  17. +Brand video HANDS for CZECH AIRLINES

  18. +IF SKIN HAS A RITUAL ... for LANCÔME Beauty Institute

  19. +Hair collection FLOW for Salon Petra Měchurová

  20. +Fashion documentary series TIME TRAVELLERS for Salon Petra Měchurová

  21. +Czechoslovak TopModel Trailer for Czechoslovak Models

  22. +Bratislava Fashion Weekend documentary for stars communication

  23. +FASHION TALES #9 [Pocta velkým tónům] for FashionTV with Czech National Ballet

  24. +FASHION STAR #6 [Liběna Rochová] for FashionTV

  25. +Dance video MINE with Patrick Ulman [semifinalist IDILL 2011]

  26. +Dance video LifeOfTheBirds with Markéta Jandová

  27. +Video projection for choreography HIDDEN by Markéta Jandová [Ponec theatre, May 2011]

  28. +VJ project SCENE I: The Road to Damascus with composer Tomáš Peřinka

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  1. +Feature documentary WATERMILL STORIES for Robert Wilson and The Watermill Foundation, New York

  2. +Fashion series inspired by IT LOOKS S/S 2016 hair collection for L’Oréal Prefessionnel

  3. +TV spot for Blažek S/S 2016 Collection

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